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logic is dull

3.5.2018: Cannes Film Festival is coming.


6.11.2017: Pre-Production for first feature film just begun.


5.11.2016: MICHAELA goes US. The film has been nominated at Great Lakes Shorts Festival


7.10.2016:MICHAELA wins an award for Best Short Film at Marbella International Filmfestival


2.9.2016:   Post-Production of "just a movie" is on the go


26.8.2016: THE RIDE OF HIS LIFE has been nominated at Kansas International Film Festival


16.7.2016: After Cannes it's Marbella. MICHAELA is nominated at Marbella International Film Festival


19.4.2016: The Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden awards MICHAELA with "Prädikat Wertvoll"


22.3.2016: MICHAELA will be screened at the Oberhausen International Film Festival


15.3.2016: MICHAELA will be screened at the Filmfestival de Cannes


18.2.2016: worldpremiere from MICHAELA at the Generenale4 filmmfestival in Berlin



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